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Vance Capital Management, LLC was founded in 1998 as an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.

The 1990’s were times of booming growth in both the nation’s economy and the stock market. Investors became more involved in the raging bull market and were no longer interested in the traditional brokerage business of picking individual stocks and paying enormous commissions.

After spending eight years with American Express Financial Advisors, we began to realize that investors were getting more sophisticated and demanding better products with more choices. In addition to higher yielding investments, investors expected cutting edge solutions to their financial problems while paying cheaper fees and commissions.

Clients were also in need of additional services that were not being served by traditional Wall Street firms. Rather than investing in a few stocks or buying mediocre mutual funds, investors expected a more holistic approach to the complexities of money management. They wanted a wide variety of services and products that would enable them to create a more cohesive and robust financial future.

To accommodate these needs we began to coach our clients in tax strategies to go along with their investments and offering tax preparation, trustee services and fiduciary services.

As the 2000’s unfolded, investor’s greed turned to fear as the bull market collapsed. Unable to understand how to protect their money the needs of the clients changed once again and so did our offerings. We began to integrate risk-managed portfolios with boutique firms typically working with only very high net worth clients. This provided our clients the ability to leverage services once unavailable to them to help preserve their wealth in down trending economy.

Today, many of our clients remain more concerned with wealth preservation and avoiding large market losses. They are also eager to grow their money without depending solely on traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Alternative investments have become an important way of diversifying investment portfolios and creating the financial stability many people are looking for today. Vance Capital Management, LLC provides many alternative investments in addition to traditional investment methods to serve the needs of every client.


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At Vance Capital Management, LLC we know that finding the right financial planner can be difficult. Our goal is to not only provide our clients with a diverse suite of investments but the education to understand them so we can work together to plan your future.

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