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Year End Checklist

Now is the time to evaluate your personal finances to prepare yourself for next year!

With the end of the year rapidly approaching it is a great time to examine your finances and update your plans. Below is a list of important items for you to review. Check the items that you would like to discuss and we will create a plan and make necessary adjustments for your financial future! Call us today to schedule your review. 209.533.8404

Check the box next to any item that applies to your finances or that you need to discuss.

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Review your tax information for possible changes in the next year.
Review your retirement accounts
Review your investment goals and strategies.
Review your insurance policies
Is it time to apply for social security? Medicare? Do you have to take your required minimum distributions?
Review your health insurance coverage and options.
Review trusts and education accounts
Review any major life changes and consider their financial impact.
Enter any thoughts or questions before you meet with our planners